Family owned business for over 30 years. We specialized making solid bronze and zinc & bronze urns. Quality is our top priority we have chosen these specific metals for their strength and erlasting life. All our products are crafted in our factory. Let us know if you need any help choosing from our wide selection of urns, ornaments and pendant urns. We are proud to provide a personalized service to ensure your total
Service, quality and creativity have been the heart and soul of our business since 1991.
Andréanne Bégin




Jean-Pierre Bégin founded Bégin Bronze Urns in 1991. Family members, including his brother Gilles and nephews Stéphane and Dominic, pitched in to help him craft his urns. In 2002 Jean-Pierre set out to create a refined collection of urns in which members of a single family could be reunited. Eminent sculptors were brought in to design these one-of-a-kind, personal pieces signed by the artist.
Jean-Pierre’s daughter Andréanne had been helping her dad out in the business for years. In 2004 she felt ready to commit, and her leadership, determination, and creativity immediately brought a whole new energy to operations. In 2014 she and her cousin Stéphane partnered together to buy the company. Today their goal is to be tops in the industry, banking on the customer service and high standards Bégin Urns is known for in North America and around the world.




All of our urns are designed and produced in our workshop by our skilled craftspeople. They are unique creations that you will not find anywhere else. To order, simply select your desired model through your funeral home and we will ship it the same day.



Interested in adding a distinctive engraved touch or a loving thought, poem, or personal message to the urn you have chosen? It’s easy! Simply contact the funeral home of your choice to inform them of your wishes. Funeral home staff will guide you through the process and then place your order with us. Our expert engravers will perform the work at our facility without any additional delay.



As we do not deal directly with individual customers, you must go through a funeral home or cemetery to order the urn of your choice. They will place your order and let us know about any engraving you wish to have done on the urn.